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is a private consulting firm with nationally recognized professionals from government agencies, private non-profits and business professionals providing funding expertise to help you keep an EYE on your project's funding needs.

These professionals are collectively working as a consortium of experts tasked to aid public agencies, local communities, school districts with their Urban Planning, Grant, Funding Structure and Public Policy needs.

Today, many new financial strategies and approaches are available without making repeated capital investments. There are programs and opportunities for communities and non-profit organizations to access which will provide them long-term relief to their ongoing financial needs.  One of these options involves government funding, programs and speciality grants.  These are financial options that require careful planning, budget expertise and knowledge!.  In years past, most communities could rely on a hand shake and a wink from your elected state and federal representatives to provide grants.  Those days  are gone. forever.  


Qualifying communities for both STATE AND FEDERAL GRANTS
Accessing Programs involving Tax Credits, Guaranteed Loans and Technical Assistance
Assisting communities to package Redevelopment Projects with government programming
Using Nationally Credentialed Grant Professionals to draft, obtain and manage State and Federal Grants
Creative Funding options for Developers to meet their captal obligations with municipal governments.
Drafting Public Policy documents to aid in community sustainability
Helping communities incorporate GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE into all community projects

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